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Handicrafts & Shopping

Take home a piece of Tahitian-culture and tradition in the form of beautiful handicrafts


Handicrafts & Shopping

Take home a piece of Tahitian-culture and tradition in the form of beautiful handicrafts



Handicrafts & Shopping
Handicrafts & Shopping


Made with love, care and knowledge passed down through generations, handicrafts are an important part of the culture and heritage of French Polynesia. Learn more about the elaborate processes behind these intricate art forms by attending our workshops and demonstrations with Tahitian mamas—local artisans skilled in panadus and coconut leaf weaving, pareo dyeing, quilt making and basket weaving.

Pareo or pareu—the sarong—is very important in daily Polynesian life. Worn by both men and women, this large, flowing cloth can be tied in myriad ways.

Monoi oil is another item key to life in French Polynesia. It is used during traditional rituals, for medicinal properties, and as a body and hair treatment. The oil is also an effective mosquito repellent, recommended for use around the resort.

Tifaifai are attractive hand-sewn bedspreads bearing mostly botanical patterns, which are traditionally given as a wedding present.

Black pearls are another unique and iconic local item to watch for while in Tahiti.


Resort Boutique
Find postcards, toiletries, sunscreen, newspapers and most essentials in our resort boutique alongside clothing, swimwear and sandals for swimming in the lagoon. Souvenirs and local handicrafts and gifts, including monoi oil, are also available.

Robert Wan Boutique
As the most prestigious pearl producer in French Polynesia, the jeweler Robert Wan offers magnificent collections of jewelry spanning traditional styles to opulent sets, plus loose pearls. Every purchase includes a certificate of origin and authenticity.

Craft Market
Our petite yet popular craft market pops up daily beside the main pool, and offers local handicrafts including printed pareos and mother-of-pearl accessories. At this resort, you’re just minutes from Papeete, home to the largest collection of shops in French Polynesia.




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