Tahitian Wave 
This signature treatment relaxes the body with a back-and-forth motion reminiscent of the ocean tides. It combines a gentle scrub, preparing the skin for a full-body massage using Lomilomi Hawaiian massage and Polynesian know-how. This treatment soothes muscles and realigns energy flow to facilitate complete bliss. 
Bora Bora Bliss Massage
Deep Ocean Spa Bora Bora’s signature treatment was inspired by old Tahitian massage techniques. Traditional Polynesian massage from head to toes includes a sensual relaxing full body massage with Monoï and tropical scents.
Polynesian Taurumi Massage
Both relaxing and spiritual, Taurumi massage reveals harmony between body and spirit. As a Polynesian tradition, this multi-faceted art combines touch and petrissage of the body, it allows everyone to maintain and restore its inner well-being.