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Tahiti is known worldwide for the beauty of its landscapes and the genuine warmth of its people. During your stay in French Polynesia, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in local life and discover the island’s hidden treasures. Sink into a relaxed island pace, and take the chance to truly unwind in the peaceful ambiance of the South Pacific. During your stay on the main island, do not forget to visit Papeete's main market and see the infamous local food trucks, ‘les roulottes’.
Our dedicated concierge team and the Clefs d’or head concierge Teiva will help make your stay unforgettable by advising you on all the fantastic activities within the resort and around the island. They’ll point you to the more hidden attractions and unexplored areas, including cultural sites and local artisan boutiques. For specific requests such as doctor’s appointments, pharmacy visits, taxi services, restaurants around the island or even tattoo artist studios, our concierge team is more than happy to assist and advise. 
Below is a sample itinerary to give you an idea of what our concierge team can organise for a perfect day in Tahiti. 
After a leisurely breakfast, take a half-day 4x4 safari tour, heading deep into the rugged interior of the island. Drive along the Papenoo Valley, stopping at towering waterfalls to view the crater. Cool off in the Papenoo River. Adrenalin-seekers can hop on a quad bike and ride along the river past Tahiti's highest peaks.
Enjoy lunch by the pool – a traditional Tahitian dish, poisson cru, raw tuna marinated in lemon and coconut milk. Afterwards, take Le Truck into Papeete and visit the famous local markets. Buy a coconut and drink the water straight from the husk as you browse market stalls offering a wide array of souvenirs, including handcrafted clothes, woven goods and vanilla pods. For a more lasting memento, you can even get a Tahitian-style temporary tattoo. Return to the hotel for a nap in your hammock, recharging before evening.
Take a catamaran cruise on the lagoon and watch the sun set behind the neighbouring island of Moorea. Then head back into Papeete to dine at a local roulotte on the waterfront. If you're lucky your meal will be accompanied by live ukulele music and traditional songs.
Our dedicated staff will assist with making your visit memorable by advising you on all the wonderful things to do at the resort and around the island. They’ll direct you to the island's best kept secrets and hidden locales, including sites of cultural significance and the shops of local artists. Our team is delighted to help with specific requests such as doctor’s appointments, pharmacy visits, taxi services, restaurants around the island or even tattoo artist studios.