Our people
Contributing to the wellbeing of our teams

Caring for People

Our family of local staff and the wider network of partners, vendors and stakeholders are the beneficiaries of many of the resort’s support efforts. We value these relationships and strive to nurture them for the betterment of all.


Green Leaders

We have set ambitious companywide future goals that are overseen by a staff ‘Green Leader’ whose role is to manage a Green Team made up of volounteer staff. This Green Team spearheads sustainability projects throughout the resort.

Skill-based sponsorship

Beyond prioritizing hiring locally, the resort offers continuous professional training and development programs to our staff, who benefit from participating in lectures and field trips led by visiting experts. With internships, we invite local students to learn about the tourism and hospitality sectors and gain hands-on professional experience intended to inspire our young islanders to seek dynamic career options.

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In support of our commitment to celebrate island businesses and artisans, we prioritize sourcing our supplies and ingredients as locally as possible, including from our staff’s family farms and shops.