Safeguarding French Polynesia’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Caring for Nature & Culture

Polynesia has inspired generations of travelers, from artist Paul Gauguin to explorer James Cook, which is why we integrate rich cultural experiences into the resort’s daily offerings. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in a slew of activities paying homage to the island’s vivid heritage, an important part of our sustainability mission.


Culture surounding

From the staff uniforms—which incorporate tropical flowers and traditional Polynesian designs—to the architecture seen throughout the resort, we were inspired to pay homage to aesthetic traditions of the archipelago. The colorful, verdant decor and paintings, sculptures and other artworks also have cultural significance and in many cases were created by local artists. The music and songs of Tahiti are played in public areas, creating a warm and welcoming ambience for guests, while the gift shop also features local handicrafts.


Biweekly Polynesian performances at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa and our annual Mini Heiva festival are extraordinary showcases and celebrations of the region’s authentic cultural practices. The resort also sponsors a dance group that performs each year at the internationally recognized Heiva festival, French Polynesia’s most important cultural celebration for traditional dance, music, sports, ceremonies and competitions.

We enjoy planning Polynesian wedding ceremonies for our guests who wish to celebrate their union in accordance to local tradition. Another option for glimpsing into Polynesian life is our themed dinners, which highlight regional cuisine and customary songs and dances.

Guest can also pamper themselves at our Spa, where deeply soothing treatments are inspired by ancient Polynesian rituals.



Our staff hold cultural demonstrations where guests may learn how to weave crowns, hats or bags from palm fronds; dye their own pareo, make a flower crown or prepare the traditional Polynesian dish poisson cru à la tahitienne (marinated raw fish with lime and coconut milk).  

Discover authentic Tahiti with the help of a local by booking a private tour with our knowledgeable guides, proud to share their stories and culture.


We are delighted to announce the launch of three new mobile applications: Māramarama, Perē ‘Oeha, and Tata’u. These applications, developed by E-reo, are dedicated to learning Tahitian reo, the native language of our Society islands. This initiative was made possible thanks to 50% funding from the Pacific Beachcomber group. Join us in this unique linguistic and cultural adventure, and download these applications now on Google Play or Apple Store.