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We Care

Our Mission:

In keeping with the vision of our parent company, Pacific Beachcomber S. C., our mission is to provide exemplary, authentic, and enriching travel experiences for our guests that are environmentally sensitive, sustainable, and that celebrate Polynesian cultural heritage. We believe in the power of travel to make the world a better place, protecting our natural and cultural heritage for future generations through exploration, discovery, education and conservation. 


Why We Care:

As the gateway to the Society Islands, Tahiti is an inspiringly diverse destination that brings together the many cultures, colors, and flavors of French Polynesia. All travelers will visit Tahiti on their journey through the spectacular archipelago, and it is both our honor and responsibility to promote tourism that supports the island’s conservation and empowers our local communities.


Caring for Culture:

Tahiti has inspired travelers for generations: from Captain James Cook - who explored Tahiti’s enchanting coasts in the 18th century - to the acclaimed artist Paul Gauguin, whose painting style was heavily influenced by life on the island. At the InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa, we also strive to inspire our guests by sharing island traditions through rich cultural exchange at the resort and beyond.

  • Attend Tahiti’s impressive Heiva Festival in July - the quintessential celebration of Polynesian culture featuring traditional dance, music, sports, ceremonies, and competitions – followed by a Mini Heiva Festival hosted onsite.
  • Experience immersive year-round Polynesian performances at our twice-weekly themed dinners - including a ‘Marquesas Night’ and dance show from the award-winning Heiva group Hei Tahiti.
  • Join local artisans during workshops and demonstrations that showcase traditional handicrafts like pandanus and coconut leaf weaving, pareo dying, quilt making, and basket weaving.
  • Enhance your wedding vows with a traditional Tahitian ceremony, complete with flower crowns, local song and dance, and Polynesian blessings.
  • Indulge in unique regional therapies, such as our signature Tahitian Wave Massage, at the Deep Nature Spa using products derived from nutrients found in the South Pacific seas.


Caring for the Environment:

Honoring our responsibility to protect Tahiti’s diverse and fragile ecosystem, we proudly uphold environmentally-friendly practices and encourage all guests to join our ongoing efforts.

  • As active participants in the IHG Global Green Engage project, we submit monthly water, energy, and waste reports to benchmark and minimize our environmental impact.
  • We sponsor and host TEDx talks in Papeete that cover a range of topics - including how our environmental actions today can lead to a greener tomorrow.
  • Our property is intentionally planted with flowers that attract bees; we actively harvest their honey for use in our restaurants and bars, utilizing this and other natural ingredients while reducing food miles.


Caring for People:

With travel to Tahiti reaching an all-time high, it is imperative that island tourism provides direct benefits to our local communities. We are dedicated to doing well by doing good on the island and offer extensive capacity building trainings and professional growth opportunities to our local employees.

  • Browse unique island handicrafts made by skilled artisans at our daily poolside craft market and meet local craftsmen at our Sunday Tahitian Brunch.
  • Join expert local guides on rewarding excursions both on and off Tahiti’s shores - from lush jungle hikes to dolphin and whale watching expeditions.
  • Learn from our community members at hotel-sponsored TEDx Talks, where Tahitians speak alongside international experts on a variety of topics, including Polynesian heritage and island conservation.
  • Support local businesses at the island’s colorful markets, where a variety of local delicacies and souvenirs can be found, before enjoying dinner at the unique Tahitian food trucks known as les roulottes.


Caring for Nature:

Nature is central to the Tahitian way of life and we are committed to safeguarding our precious resources while offering opportunities for guests to experience the island’s rich biodiversity and natural heritage.

  • Witness the diverse beauty and fragility of our reef environment at the onsite ‘Lagoonarium’, an underwater ecosystem home to over 200 marine species that are monitored in partnership with the marine research laboratory, CRIOBE (Centre for Island Research and Environmental Observatory).
  • Explore our vibrant underwater world through the TOPDIVE diving center, with diverse scuba diving excursions to WWII shipwrecks and coral gardens inhabited by blacktip reef sharks.
  • Spot our amazing diversity of birds for yourself, including the “Noha” – the Petrel of Tahiti, while strolling an informative bird trail around the property and learn about our efforts to protect their natural habitats in partnership with French Polynesia’s non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of birds, MANU.
  • Experience our incredible surroundings the eco-friendly way by kayaking, snorkeling, and sailing around breathtaking Tahiti.