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Mission & Philosophy

The mission of InterContinental Resorts is to meet and exceed our guests’ expectations through constant improvement and innovation, making a positive change every day. We offer a contemporary lifestyle that is friendly to the environment, active in the community, and supportive of legendary Polynesian hospitality and tradition.
It is our mission to provide outstanding service to all our guests. We are committed to listening to our customers and responding to their needs in a competent, accurate and timely way. We strive to anticipate and fulfil our guests’ wishes before they are even articulated. Our spirit and energy sets us apart from our competitors, and the community of our employees is founded upon teamwork, trust and mutual respect.
We endeavour to provide our employees with a caring, motivating and rewarding environment in which they share responsibility and accountability, as well as recognition. We continue to encourage individuality and initiative, and through training and career development, bring out the best in all our people. We strive at all times to act with integrity and honour.
We are committed to dealing fairly and honestly in both our internal and external relationships as responsible members of our industry and our community.
InterContinental French Polynesia cares deeply for the environment and actively supports sustainable tourism and development in French Polynesia, exemplified by our sponsorship of the Te Mana o Te Moana Association.
Created in September 2004, this association is involved in studies and research projects pertaining to Polynesian marine fauna and flora and the islands' ecosystems.