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Local Life
Tahiti – exotic landscapes, sparkling seas and bright blue skies. Beyond its natural beauty, our cluster of islands is home to the warm, open-hearted people of Polynesia and their rich tapestry of culture and traditions. Our modern Pacific nation boasts a cosmopolitan blend of Polynesian heritage and French élan. Most Tahitians are multilingual, speaking English as their third or even fourth language, with Tahitian or an island dialect such as Tuamotu first and French second. While a strong French cultural influence remains, you’ll still find plenty of traditional Polynesia in Tahiti. You’ll also find some East Asian culture, introduced by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. The Lunar New Year is celebrated every year, and Asian flavours permeate our cuisine.
It is customary to shake hands at least once a day with people you know. If you are meeting a group, you should shake hands with everybody, even if you don't know them. When asking a question to a native Tahitian, a movement of the eyebrow can mean 'yes'.
Helpful expressions:
Ia orana (pronounced: yo-RAH-nah) = hello
Mauru'uru (pronounced: mah-ROO-roo) = thank you
There are many cultural festivals in Tahiti, especially in the month of July when the Heiva I Tahiti takes place. If you are lucky enough to be in Tahiti during the Heiva, we can arrange tickets and transfers for your so you can experience it in person.
Tahiti's Atimaono golf course is located about 45 minutes from the resort. Once a cotton plantation and then a sugarcane plantation, it became Tahiti's first golf course in 1970.
Teahupo’o is one of the best surf spots in the world, where professional competitions are held annually. It is considered amongst the most dangerous sites by professional surfers the world over, but if you’d like to spectate, we can arrange a private tour of the area for you.