The Moorea Dolphin Center… an unforgettable experience
The Moorea Dolphin Center is located in the pristine waters of the InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa Hotel.

A natural habitat has been created for 3 bottlenose dolphins. The two males,Lokahi and Kuokoa, were born at the Dolphin Quest Facility on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hina, the female, is retired from the US Navy facility of San Diego. A team of veterinarians and animal behaviorists take great daily care of the hotel stars.

Join us to learn about those amazing marine mammals. We offer interactive programs in which we can observe, play and swim with them in our beautiful lagoon.

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Diving TOPDIVE- Bathys dive center offers snorkeling and scuba, kayaking and many other activities detailed on our "diving" page

The rehabilitation center for sea turtles was established in February 2004, in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment as part of a general program for the protection of sea turtles in French Polynesia. Since 1982, all species of sea turtles are protected by international convention. In Polynesia, a resolution dating back to 1990 strengthens the protection for the 3 species found in our waters: the green turtle, the hawksbill turtle, and the leatherback turtle.

Despite this, however, sea turtles remain at risk for extinction. The turtles in the center were found sick, injured, maimed or seized by customs and have been entrusted to us by the Office of the Environment.

Our team, under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, provides the turtles with daily care and food necessary for their recovery. Weight and growth is closely monitored. As soon as their health permits, the turtles are released back into the wild, after being identified and tagged for follow up later by the Office of the Ministry of the Environment. Two species of turtles, or "Honu" in Tahitian, can be observed in our rehabilitation center: the green turtle and hawksbill turtle.

You will love the local handicrafts, woven fabrics, mother-of-pearl jewelry, the colorful “pareos” (sarongs) and the famous Tahitian black pearls. Moorea is home to many talented artisans, and you will have the opportunity to discover their creations in their exhibitions at the hotel and in their workshops around the island.

The Hotel Boutique You will find various articles such as clothing, sunscreen products, local arts and crafts, stamps, cigarettes, souvenirs, books and goodies, etc...

The Tahiti Perles Boutique The shop is part of a network of shops of the largest producer and jeweler in Polynesia, Mr. Robert Wan, whose products are recognized and appreciated for their quality and creativity. Here you will find the jewel of your desires, from traditional styles to avant-garde designs. In addition, it is always reassuring to be given a certificate of authenticity and origin when buying a pearl.

Our concierge team will be happy to assist you in your choices, and you can also download our list of activities below.

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