The "Lotus" pool side
A wonderful tiny sandy beach, between the "Lotus" restaurant & the pool, facing the sunset over Moorea. Ideally suited for a pre-dinner cocktail for a small group.

"Vaitupa" beach
Another small sandy beach, close to the activities pavilion,with access to the sea. Ideally suited for a pre-dinner cocktail and banquet for medium size groups.
Very secluded away from the main resort areas.

"Huriama" / Lotus gardens
On the shore, facing Moorea, a very large space, with a grass floor, surrounded by trees. Very convenient for large groups. Suitable for buffet parties, garden parties and cocktails.

The "Coconut grove"
On the outdoor property there is a large area by the beach,planted with coconut trees, with a grass lawn. It is especially suitable for garden parties and cocktails for large groups.

The main motu
A natural theater area, large lawn area lined with tall coconut trees and by overwater bungalows. The lights in the surrounding trees and its permanent stage planted with vegetation make it the natural place for a themed evening. It is also suitable for parties, cocktails and dinners and gala functions for large groups.

Motu iti
Facing the main restaurant, on the edge of the lagoonarium,a small sandy beach planted with coconut trees. It's an exotic spot for a pre-dinner cocktail for small groups.

Motu "Heiva", small motu
On property, outdoor, facing the main restaurant, in the center of the lagoonarium, a small sandy area planted with coconut trees. This is an ideal place for a pre-dinner cocktail for small groups.

Main restaurant, "Tiare"
Open air, covered gently ventilated space overlooking the main pool. The main restaurant is built as a three tier amphitheater, suitable for a private covered area for lunch or a plated dinner. May be used as back up for any evening party, depending on hotel occupancy.

"Taina" restaurant
Open air, covered. Open air with a thatched roof, softly ventilated space in a Tahitian atmosphere, overlooking the main pool. This dining area is close to the main "Tiare" restaurant. Suitable for a private covered area for lunch or a plated dinner. May be used as back up for any evening party, depending on hotel occupancy.

Overwater restaurant "Le Lotus"
Open air, well ventilated, this overwater restaurant features two thatched roofed rotundas overlooking the lagoon and facing Moorea. The "Lotus" restaurant is associated with a
3*** Michelin restaurant in France, "L'Auberge de l'Ill" and is one of the best gourmet restaurants in French Polynesia. A great place for an exclusive gastronomic dinner for groups
up to 64 guests.

Hibiscus / Tipanier banquet room & meeting space
On property indoor, 2nd floor, main building, overlooking the huge pool and the waterfall. A modular air conditioned room with a soundproof partition, carpeted, equipped for conferences and meetings, surrounded with a terrace facing Moorea. Ideal for meetings and special theme dinners.

Pitate A & B meeting rooms
On property indoor, 2nd floor main building. A modular air conditioned meeting room with a soundproof partition. Carpeted, equipped for conference and meetings.

Board room
Classic board room layout, ideal for executive meetings.
(Near the reception).

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